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SAGE & Pfizer Get Old

In June 2012, Pfizer launched “Get Old,” an initiative designed to take on an important issue affecting society today—the country’s growing aging population—and provide useful, actionable information that can help people take control of their health at every stage of life. The effort features a dedicated online hub ( that provides a place to share stories, find health information and tools, and be directed to relevant partner resources and social channels. Since its launch, Get Old has struck a chord across the U.S. that is fueling a growing conversation about aging and healthy living. SAGE is proud to partner with Pfizer on Get Old, ensuring that the unique issues facing LGBT older people are part of this vital conversation.

Get Old seeks to engage people in a different way around the notion of getting older and living better. By asking a simple but profound question—How do you feel about getting old?—it sparks thoughtful discussion on aging issues, with the ultimate goal of enlisting audiences to join the company and its partners in advocating on key health issues.

SAGE and Get Old

LGBT older adults face the same challenges of aging as their heterosexual peers, but also experience unique issues that can stand in the way of healthy aging. For example, LGBT older adults are five times less likely to access needed health and social services, due to fear of discrimination. They also have thinner support networks and are at higher risk of social isolation—LGBT older adults are twice as likely to live alone, and three to four times less likely to have children or close family members to rely on.

Pfizer and SAGE have partnered to raise awareness about LGBT aging issues and include all perspectives in the Get Old campaign. The dialogue began in summer 2012 with a panel hosted by the Out Pfizer Employee Network (OPEN) featuring SAGE Executive Director Michael Adams and a SAGE constituent as well as several Pfizer representatives: Sally Susman, Executive Vice President, Policy, External Affairs and Communications; Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer; Doug Lankler, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer and Jack Watters, Vice President, External Medical Affairs;. The panel highlighted how discrimination continues to impact access to health care for LGBT older adults.

"Members of the LGBT community have some very specific needs as they age," said Watters. "Despite increasing tolerance in our society, not everyone is 'out' to their health care providers and this requires sensitivity from doctors, nurses and caregivers."

The dialogue will continue throughout the coming months, with a series of nationwide webinars hosted by Pfizer and SAGE to highlight critical LGBT aging issues and encourage LGBT older people to share their wisdom and experiences.

Ultimately, Get Old and SAGE share a common goal: to engage all members of our society in a dialogue about living longer, better lives at any age. Join the conversation today at

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