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SAGE Receives Funding from New York State Legislature to Launch LGBT Elder Veterans Initiative

Newly adopted New York State budget provides $100,000 to support LGBT elder veterans in New York with accessing veterans’ benefits and improving their overall health.

[New York, NY] SAGE is thrilled to announce that it has received $100,000 from the New York State legislature to launch a ground-breaking  initiative for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) elder veterans that will improve their access to VA benefits and their overall health and wellness.

SAGE’s LGBT Elder Veterans Initiative will offer legal counsel and comprehensive case-management services to LGBT elder veterans

“We would like to thank the Assembly for its leadership and –in partnership with the Governor—for   righting a wrong that left many LGBT elder veterans without necessary benefits,” said SAGE Executive Director Michael Adams. “Throughout New York, there are more than 40,000 LGBT elder veterans who served their country proudly but have not received the recognition and support they deserve.   This program will begin to address that historical injustice.”

“These types of services not only help veterans in need, but also offer significant benefits and cost savings to New York State and local governments by reducing  veterans’ reliance on state public assistance and emergency room usage,” added Adams.

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