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To be submitted AFTER submitting a course application.

Please note that this application is for a 50% scholarship ONLY. If you need more financial assistance, please contact Rebecca Heisler at or 212-741-2247.

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Which course(s) have you applied for?*
How to be a Travel Writer, a Better Blogger or Memoir Author (Starts: 7/10/13)
Language Lab: Italian (Starts 7/18/2013)
Language Lab: Spanish (Starts 7/18/2013)
Language Lab: French (Starts 7/18/2013)
Creative Writing (Starts 7/1/2013)
Creative Writing (Starts 7/2/2013)
Creative Writing: Brooklyn (Starts 7/15/2013)

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Food Stamps
Section 8 Housing Subsidy
Unemployment Compensation
Other public assistance

What is your approximate monthly income?*

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If you DO NOT receive a scholarship, will you be able to take this course(s)?*
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