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SAGE strives to make its programs available to all LGBT older adults regardless of their ability to pay.

Those who receive public assistance or otherwise demonstrate financial need may be eligible for scholarships of 50% the listed course tuition.

To submit an ONLINE application for a Lifelong Learning Scholarship, please click here.

If 50% tuition is more than you can afford, additional assistance may be available. Please talk to us so that we can assess your needs and develop some options. Scholarships are awarded based on need and availability. Contact Rebecca Heisler at 212-741-2247 or via email at

SAGE strives to make its programs available to all LGBT older adults regardless of their ability to pay. That being said, in order to continue to offer scholarships to the maximum amount of the growing amount of individuals that we serve, we felt it prudent that we institute a policy in regards to how scholarships will be awarded. Those who receive public assistance or demonstrate some need, are encouraged to apply for need based scholarships, though all scholarship applications will be reviewed as we are aware that there are other circumstances that may require some sort of financial assistance. Naturally all applications will be reviewed, but unfortunately all may not be granted.

Each individual will be have access to a maximum of $50 in scholarships each calendar year. For example, If an individual is awarded $25 in scholarships towards Lifelong Learning courses, and decides to request a scholarship for a day trip costing $25, that will cover their allotment for the year and they will not be awarded any scholarships for the remainder to the calendar year. Unspent dollars will not roll over to the new calendar year.

We appreciate your understand and compliance of this new policy, and look forward to having you as a part of the Lifelong Learning Program.

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