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Photo of Trumbull Rogers

Trumbull Rogers

SAGE Donor

 In fall 2012, SAGE was saddened to hear of the passing of Trumbull Rogers, a constituent who came to SAGE for many years and received support and assistance from our Social Services department. We were honored to learn that SAGE meant so much to Mr. Rogers that he generously left us a bequest. His family has designated SAGE as one organization where people can make a donation in his name. Following is Mr. Roger’s obituary.

Trumbull Rogers, Copy Editor, author and poet, dies at 73.

Jonathan Trumbull Rogers, known professionally as Trumbull Rogers, one of 4 Copy Editors for the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, Second Edition, Unabridged, died September 4, 2012.  Mr. Rogers copy editing work included the writing of Stephen Hawking, James Michener, Sylvia Porter and many others.

In addition to his kindness, Mr. Rogers was best known for keeping people on guard with his clever humor.  His conversation was consistently peppered with wit delivered with a straight face.  If the joke was missed he would rarely let on he had said something truly witty or funny.   His spirit, as captured by an EFA colleague, “would challenge us to continue the love of life in learning, writing and conversation.”

Mr. Rogers joined the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) in 1977.  His 20 years of varied leadership service included the Board of Governors.  Known as “Mr. EFA,” he created the JobPhone (now JobList), which remains one of their most valued programs.  His consistent support of aspiring and new copy editors included the publication of his book Editorial Freelancing: A practical guide in 1995.

Mr. Rogers co-wrote a mystery novel When Last Seen, with Marian Herrick.  His works have been published by The Journal of Learning Disabilities, Publishers Weekly, Scholarly Publishing, and MÖBIUS: The Poetry Magazine.

Mr. Rogers was born in Buffalo, New York to Mr. William S. Rogers and Mrs. Grace Danforth Rogers Jewett on April 26, 1939.  He attended the Elmwood Franklin School through the 4th grade, enrolling in the Nichols School for the 5th and 6th grades.  He attended The Gow School in East Aurora, New York from 1951 through his freshman year when he returned to Nichols, graduating with his class in 1957.  The Gow School, well before Learning Disabilities were understood, focused on helping young boys learn and cope; and he credited his own personal and professional successes on his years there.  He earned his BA in English from Hobart College in 1961. While at Hobart he was a member of Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and the Honorary Literary Fraternity, and was Editor of the Hobart Review.  His military service, 1963-69, included the U.S. Naval Reserve and 2 years active service mostly on the U.S.S. Thor.

After the Navy and moving to New York City, Mr. Rogers started his editing career with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (I.E.E E.) and was an Associate Editor when he left after five and a half years to start his freelance writing and editing career.   He worked for the New York Academy of Sciences, 1996 to 2006 while simultaneously pursuing his freelance copy editing career.

Mr. Rogers bravely faced health challenges. He barely survived viral encephalitis as a young boy, struggled with dyslexia, and embraced Yoga as an adult to build physical strength.  He had never heard the term “dyslexia” applied to himself until he was invited into a Johns Hopkins study in 1978.  He was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2007, which gradually limited his involvement with family, friends, and many aspects of New York City life until his death.

Mr. Rogers is predeceased by his parents, half-brother Townsend Rogers, and half-sisters Margaret Rogers and Eleanor Rogers Oliver. He is survived by his brother Danforth Rogers, his sister Grace Rogers Smith, nephews Danforth W.S. Rogers and Stewart Sirouz Vaghti, Nieces Ninon Rogers and Mehrey Grace Vaghti; his ex-wife Marian Rogers, his step daughters Rebecca Hegarty and Christy Herrick, and two cherished step grandchildren Joshua and Kaleena. 

Interment will be private.  For information on Mr. Rogers’s celebration of life memorial February 9, 2013 email to Donations can be made to The Gow School (The Gow School, Development Office, PO Box 85, South Wales, NY 14139) or SAGE to the attention of Kenneth Cox.


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