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Photo of World Famous *BOB*

World Famous *BOB*

Women’s Program Coordinator

World Famous *BOB* is the Women’s Program Coordinator at Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE). With more than 25 years of performing experience she also oversees the Arts & Culture programming at SAGE Center Midtown. A student of gerontology and aging activist, *BOB* is committed to not only redefining what aging looks like in our society, but also to creating spaces where the LGBT older population can be who they are and continue to grow with dignity, style and flare! A specific issue *BOB* is focused on is breaking away the de-sexualization of older people, as seeing each person as a whole and complete person includes sexuality and sexual health.

*BOB* is also a celebrated burlesque star who has travelled the world for 20 years, performing in Vienna, Paris, Canada, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm and numerous U.S. cities. She has taught her USC! (Ultimate Self Confidence!), Workshop series internationally since 2004. Versions of her workshop have been taught everywhere from Finland to SAGE Center Midtown. Her public lectures on confidence have been offered at several universities as well as The Body Love Conference. *BOB* also lectures regularly at NYU on gender as performance.

World Famous *BOB* uses a combination of humor, listening skills and authentic connection in everything she does, and her motto professionally and personally is, “I’m here for the magic!”

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