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Photo of Daniel  Puerto

Daniel Puerto

Outreach Coordinator

At age 16, Daniel Puerto, co-founded Make the Road NY’s LGBTQ Justice Project in Queens. Through intense outreach, in just one year, Daniel was able to help reach hundredths of LGBTQ folks in Jackson Heights, Queens and surrounding neighborhoods. His role helped MRNY diversify their membership, while supporting leadership development, state and local advocacy, coordination of meetings and actions in response to local and statewide hate crimes. After co-founding the LGBTQ Justice Project, Daniel transitioned to MRNY’s workforce development program, assisting ESOL adult students in their job hunt while providing quality one on one job readiness and career coaching training. Daniel helped his clients learn key skills about self-promotion for job interview purposes. He helped his clients explore their job hunt beyond internet application, he assisted in creating outreach plans in targeted neighborhoods and street canvassing for resume distribution. Daniel Puerto moved to the worker cooperative project, aimed to help MRNY base membership develop worker cooperatives. In this role, Daniel helped the incubation process of the worker cooperatives, including marketing material such as, name, logo and mission. In addition, Daniel worked with the members to strategize multiple marketing strategies to make sure that the businesses were successful. Marketing and outreach have been key in Daniels projects and life. Overall, Daniel has been recognized for his leadership and work by local and city government. He has been part of multiple national and local panels addressing LGBTQ Organizing work with immigrant populations in NYC. He enjoys networking, dancing, Mexican tortas and listening to Drake.

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