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Photo of Pony  Knowles

Pony Knowles

National Engagement Manager

Pony Knowles is the National Engagement Manager at SAGE, charged with developing and implementing projects that involve significant numbers of LGBT people and their allies in advancing the SAGE mission.

Before coming to SAGE, Pony lived in 12 different major cities in the US and abroad, and brings to his work a broad understanding of LGBTQ communities across different cultures and languages. He ran a summer activist training program in Atlanta and Philadelphia with Empty the Shelters, volunteered with the Panthères Roses (Pink Panthers) in Paris, helped to found internet-based communities like Queer Exchange, and taught French Literature at NYU, St. John’s University and the University of Washington. He holds a BA in French Literature from Agnes Scott College, and dual Masters degrees from the University of Washington and the Ecole Normale Supérieure/EHESS. Pony’s background in curriculum creation and in building diverse learning communities allowed him to bring innovative, data-driven programming initiatives to SAGE, tailored to the rich lived experiences of the community of older LGBTQ adults in NYC and across the country.

Outside of SAGE, Pony divides his free time between telling terrible jokes to anyone who listens, writing knitting patterns for various garments, reading everything that he can check out from the public library and pretending that he will really, definitely, no-joking-this-time, go to the gym tomorrow instead of eating that delicious slice of pizza.

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