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What Do SAGENet Affiliates Do?
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In October 2016, SAGE staff joined leaders from 23 SAGE Affiliates in St. Petersburg, Florida, for the SAGENet Annual Meeting. Attendees discussed SAGE's 2016 Strategic Plan, learning how SAGE will improve half a million lives and catalyze hundreds of LGBT and age-friendly communities in the coming years, as well as how affiliates can help to growing SAGE's national movement.
SAGENet 2016 Annual Gathering

In communities across the country, SAGENet—SAGE’s network of local affiliates around the country—is building a movement to reduce isolation, improve financial security and enhance the quality of life for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults.

Through SAGENet, these local leaders draw on the wisdom of their peers to implement programs and services that address the most urgent issues facing LGBT elders—from unemployment, to housing, to LGBT-affirming healthcare and more. And they're creating advocacy initiatives where LGBT elders advocate on their own behalf—at the local, state and federal levels.

Meet our SAGENet affiliates: Services & Advocacy Nationwide

SAGENet is comprised of 30 affiliates located in 20 states in every region of the country, including the District of Columbia. These affiliates provide services and programs to LGBT older people in their local communities. They also work on city and state advocacy to ensure that public policies better support the needs of LGBT elders.

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Midwest Region 

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West Region 

Interested in joining SAGENet and becoming an affiliate?

We encourage local leaders who are interested in becoming a SAGE affiliate to submit our Letter of Interest. Learn more about SAGE and LGBT aging online at and

SAGE would like to thank the The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Gill Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Arcus Foundation for their generous support of SAGE's advocacy work, including SAGENet.

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