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Taylor Society

SAGE's Taylor Society recognizes and honors visionary individuals who have left a timeless legacy to current and future LGBT older adults including SAGE in their planning. The Taylor Society was named after an educator and author, a longtime and quiet SAGE supporter, "C. T." Taylor. C.T. passed away in 2006 and left his estate to SAGE. Although C.T. shunned public recognition, his family asked SAGE to share his story, in the hope that others will follow C.T.'s example by making planned gifts that help SAGE improve the lives of LGBT older adults for many years to come.

Member Profiles

Photo of Dr. Howard Leifman

Dr. Howard Leifman


Photo of Marilyn Lamkay

Marilyn Lamkay


Photo of Larry Hyer

Larry Hyer


Members as of June 2017

Harvey Abrams
John Ackerman
Michael Adams & Fred Davie
Jeff Allison & James Lomax
Lennox Arthur
Tim Atkin
Ward Auerbach
Roman Bachli
Alton Bader
Ed Baskiewicz
Mark Black
Elizabeth Black
Ted Bloecher
Duane Bodin
Maryann Bombara
David Braff
Neil Calet
Darrell Calvin
David & Hakim Canter-McMillan
Mishael Carr-Scott
Paul Cassidy & Vernon Evenson
Peter Catenacci, CFP & Michael Kuchs
Lawrence Chanen
Jerry Chasen
Lisa Chickering
Bert Cohen
Kenneth Cox
Brian Craig
Peter Cristopher
Mark D'Alessio
Bruce Deal
Bernard Dikman
Robert Donohue & David Ochoa
Jack Dowling
Edward Duerholz
Robert Duncan
Bonnie Edwards
Richard Feldman & Jon Nathanson
Lydia Figueroa
Dawn Fischer & Stacey Friedman
Robert Fisher
Alan Francisco-Tipgos
Thomas Franzenburg
Richard Friedman
Meryl Friedman
Caroline Garcia
Raymond Gast
Michael Goldstein
Van Gonima
Bette Goodman
Linda Gottlieb
John Gotwalt
Kenneth Greenstein
Beatrice Greenstein
Gregory Grinley
Ruth Gursky
Melvin Hall
Audrey Hartmann
John Hawkins
Anthony Heilbut
June Henkel
Susan Hester
Margaret Hopkins & Hope Kennedy
Gary Humbracht
Craig Hutchison & Christopher Lodewyks
Lawrence Hyer
Gay Marx Lenin Cohen Levi Israel
Levern Jackson
Kent Johnson & Paul Emmons
Elizabeth Jones
Leon Kalas
William Karam
Paul Kennedy
Douglas Kimmel
David Kleinberg-Levin
Joan Koenig
Dr. Harold Kooden & Dr. John Hunter
Max Lam
Marilyn Lamkay
Eileen Lancella
Richard Landman
Mark Lefevre
Howard Leifman
Jay Lesiger & Thomas Klebba
Franklin Levine
Craig Linden
Richard Livesey
Stephen Lourie
Tressa Love
Donna McBride
David McFadden & Andrew Caputo
Charles Middleton
Jim Murray
Stanley Newman & Dr. Brian Rosenthal
Robert Newton
Roger Nichols & Dr. Gary Weisenborn
Daniel Nickolich
Walfrido Patawaran
James Pepper
Robert Philipson
Arthur Phillips
Robert Powers
Kathleen Randall
Ralph Randazzo
Don Reichley
Rosalyn Richter
Jerry Rumain & D. Nicholas Russo
Walter Rummenie
William Sands
Paula "Roni" Saunders
Steven Scherdorf
Cindy Schwartz
Elizabeth Schwartz
Thomas Sciacca & Jeremy S. Elkins
R. Stephen Seibt
Audrey Seidman
Robert Sholiton
Lisa Shwidock
Lee Sider & Gregory Stanton
Paul J. Somerville
Stephen Sondheim
John A. Spinelli
Scott Stackpole
Glenn Stancroff
Frank Stark
Kevin Sterns
Alfred Szymanski
Terry H. Taylor
John Thomas
Raymond W. Townsend
Judith Turkel & Jennifer Costley
William Voelkel
Richard Weber
William Weinberger & Danny Gibson
Kevin W. Williams
Neil Williamson & John McClay
Edie S. Windsor
Ellis Woodward
Dennis A. Young
Jason P. Young
Barbara Zacky
Andrew Zbikowski
George Zuber & Anthony Snyder

The material on these pages is for general information. SAGE does not render tax, accounting, financial, or legal advice. Please consult with your tax, financial, and legal advisors regarding your personal circumstances.

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Taylor Society

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Jerry Chasen
Director, Legacy Planning
212-741-2247 x240

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