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Legacy is the impact you make on those who come after you, the stories that are told about you, and the lives that you have affected. Each of us leaves one—and each of us has the opportunity to ensure that our legacy will be intentional and considered.

The legacy left by the LGBT community—and particularly our older adults—is extraordinary. Our community elders transformed the place of LGBT people in society, and secured rights and opportunities few imagined would ever be possible—let alone realized—in their lifetimes. Our elder pioneers said "no more" at Stonewall, cared for each other while the horrors of the AIDS epidemic ravaged our brothers and sisters, and demanded—and won—the right to marry who we love and be who we are.

A planned gift to SAGE will help us care for those who put their lives on the line so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have today.

Our shared journey has taught our community this: it's our job to take care of our own. Your legacy can help ensure that SAGE can do that, to thank our fellow community members, and ensure that the capstone of their extraordinary legacy is the care that we take of our pioneers.

SAGE’s Taylor Society recognizes and honors those individuals who have included SAGE in their planning.

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