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March 27, 2017

Whoopi Goldberg is Truly a Sage Person

Out Front
By Michael Musto
Another female icon, Whoopi Goldberg, threw an event at Chef’s Club last week for SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders), promoting the May 18 “SAGE Table” happening where people will host dinners bridging the gap between young and old. At this event, I chatted with Lisa Kron (Tony winner for writing the book of Fun Home) about the difficulty older gays face because we don’t always have people to take care of us the way we took care of our parents. “My partner Madeline says she’ll go into the forest, eat a Cadbury cream egg and then shoot herself,” said Kron, with a wry smile.

And then Whoopi arrived—a little late—and told the crowd, “I fell asleep. I can’t lie. I‘m such an old person.” Sitting at my SAGE table, Whoopi explained that she’d been watching Feud and dozed off. “If you were a gay man, you never would have fallen asleep watching Feud,” I told her, and she laughed. Whoopi is quite serious about helping SAGE’s mission to help mature LGBTQ people. She’s also livid about the indignities being perpetrated by President Trump and said she sometimes wants to scream “What the fuck is going on?” when she’s on The View, but she bites her tongue.

Other conversational topics were given to us in clever brochures, including our secret drag names, so I decided Whoopi could be Eileen Sideways and I’d be Beth Israel. (Or maybe we can both be Lois Commondenominator). We were also asked to discuss our favorite childhood foods, upon which Whoopi said she was so poor growing up that her mother mostly boiled bok choy—the cheapest thing you could get—in large quantities. When a tablemate chirped that he’d gone to Harvard, Whoopi said she’d been honored with that school’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year award and loved it even more than the Oscar because “I didn’t go to high school or college and all these smart people were honoring me!” That’s how I felt on this night of nights—though the prevalence of ageism shone through with regards to one suggested conversational gambit that everyone at my table ignored: “Tell everyone your age.” We need SAGE more than ever.

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