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May 19, 2017

From Boomers to Gen Z, LGBT People of All Ages Show Up to a SAGE Table

Thousands in the LGBT community gather for a nationwide conversation about what caring for each other looks like when age when age is no longer a barrier.

[New York, NY] Yesterday, thousands of members of the LGBT community and their allies gathered all across the nation to celebrate SAGE Table, a one-day event that encouraged participants to break bread, have a conversation, and create connections across generations.

Produced by SAGE with major support from AARP, more than 200 SAGE Tables took place in private homes, five-star restaurants, dive bars, city parks, social spaces, places of worship, and senior centers across the U.S.

SAGE Table events were thrown in 40 states plus Washington D.C. More than 100 SAGE Tables occurred in New York and in California alone.

“I’m blown away by the enthusiasm we just witnessed for SAGE Table, not just from our older community but also from younger people,” said Michael Adams, CEO of SAGE.

Bevy Smith, SiriusXM Radio Host of Bevelations, shared why she became involved with SAGE and SAGE Table. “Oftentimes elderly people are invisible. So imagine you're even more marginalized because you’re in a sector of population that for many years were in the closet. Who do you have to care for you when you get older? SAGE is bridging the gap.”

Notables such as Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Mock, Sarah Paulson, Sia, Zachary Quinto, and more helped build momentum for SAGE Table with a video released prior to the main event.

“What an exciting evening!” Adams added. “I hope that everyone who experienced SAGE Table walked away feeling like they received a gift, because they did: They had the opportunity to make new friends, close the generation gap, and build a stronger and more caring community for themselves and others.”

SAGE is the country's largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in New York City, SAGE is a national organization that advocates for public policy changes that address the needs of LGBT older people. SAGE also offers supportive services and consumer resources to LGBT older adults and their caregivers, provides education and technical assistance for aging providers and LGBT organizations through its National Resource Center on LGBT Aging, and cultural competence training through SAGECare. With staff located across the country, SAGE coordinates a growing network of affiliates across the country. Learn more at

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