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August 16, 2017

SAGE Raises Voice Against White Supremacy and the Structures and Politics that Support It

NEW YORK -- Michael Adams, CEO of SAGE, the nation’s largest and oldest organization providing advocacy and services to LGBT Elders, released the following statement following the President’s continued comments in support of hate groups in Charlottesville, Virginia:

For those of us, like SAGE, who are committed to building a world of equity, the issue is not who engaged in violence in Charlottesville -- though only one "side" arrived with torches mimicking the KKK and used a car to kill and maim those with opposing views. Instead, the decisive issue is who showed up in the name of white supremacy, neo Nazism, and hatred versus who showed up in the name of inclusion, equity, and love.

No matter how much the President may try to turn reality upside down and legitimize so-called white nationalism, there is only one story to be told here. It is told by Confederate flags, Nazi salutes, and the vicious words and actions of those who stood behind those banners and fists.  SAGE elders know -- and have taught us -- that there is only one side of this story to tell and only one side of this fight to be on.

SAGE will always stand on the side of equity, inclusion, and justice and against white supremacy and the structures and politics that support and accommodate it.  We refuse to be silent. We refuse to be invisible.

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