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LGBT Stories about Economic Security

The life stories of many LGBT older people demonstrate how the multiple challenges they face—in the present and across the lifespan—can reduce economic security in later life. Extensive research shows that discrimination in one's lifetime can mean reduced employment options, fewer opportunities to advance in one's career and diminished savings over time—in turn: elder poverty. Worse, many safety programs discriminate against same-sex couples, while other forms of legal discrimination against LGBT people contribute to a thinner safety net over time, especially for LGBT older adults. We've compiled digital stories and news articles that describe the wide array of economic issues among LGBT older people, many of which feature low-income LGBT older people as voices on their own lives.

SAGE would like to thank the Ford Foundation for their generous support in helping us raise public awareness about the many economic security issues facing LGBT older people.

In the News & On Our Blog

Out, Proud and Old: LGBT Seniors More Likely To Age Alone (NPR Radio) - January 2, 2015

‘Retirement is a struggle for gays and lesbians; bias can be financially costly’ (Associated Press) - November 30, 2014

‘The Retirement Crisis Facing Gays And Lesbians’ (Forbes) – October 22, 2014

‘Political Notes: Retirement costs worry LGBT seniors, says report’ (The Bay Area Reporter) – October 16, 2014

New National Study: Five Things You Should Know About Aging and LGBT People’ (The Huffington Post) - October 6, 2014

‘The Man Who Wants to Build a Haven for Gay Seniors in the Bronx’ (New York Magazine) – August 12. 2014

‘Retirement and same-sex couples, a year after DOMA ruling’ (Reuters) – June 27, 2014

‘Aging LGBT Community Faces Challenges for Housing, Support’ (The Los Angeles Times) – June 13, 2014

 ‘The Growing, Neglected Challenges of LGBT Latino Elders’ (The Huffington Post) - April 8, 2014

‘The growth of gay retirement homes’ (BBC) – March 19, 2014

‘Rainbow-Hued Housing for Gay in Golden Years’ (The New York Times) – March 12, 2014

LGBT People: Our Longing for Home, Our Right to Housing’ (The Huffington Post) - February 28, 2014

‘LGBT Elders: Poverty’s Challenges Worsen with Age’ (The Huffington Post) – June 5, 2013

Watch their Videos

SAGE & The Moth Present: Frans Bloem
New York, New York

Frans tells the story of how Hurricane Sandy destroyed his garden apartment and how he had to overcome his loss.

Bobby & Ron's Story
New York, New York

Bobby and Ron's story highlights the issues facing LGBT older adults with regards to benefits and spousal impoverishment issues.

Delores Miller from SAGE New York
New York, New York

Delores Miller tells of her experience of living in a shelter and not knowing where she will live because of the laws governing succession rights in 2010.

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Photo of George Stewart

LGBT Older Americans Cannot Afford to Go Over the Fiscal Cliff

By George Stewart

Photo of Lynne & Kathy

Lynne & Kathy

Baltimore, Maryland

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SAGE Story: Clarissa on Paid Leave

SAGE Story

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